Indecision is an integral part of my life. So much for the big decisions like to choose my snack in the bakery: croissant or bread with chocolate? But today, I can finally say it with conviction: “Indecision, you have lost! Because the Galleon, first of all, is a history of crew.

A crew that loves itself and from where one does not want to disembark. I have arrived on this ship a month ago. We can say that I did not know what I expected. I did not know I was going to find Solène, 20 years old, who makes pigtails that come out of holes in her broken hood and starts dancing. Not Bernat, 23 years old, who hides my sunglasses in his underwear because before I had hidden his scarf in mine. Without forgetting Falete, 37 years old, with his unmistakable style: XXL size tank top and his blue pool croc’s.

I’m here and I’m happy to be here. We just said goodbye to our best English enemies and sailed in the direction of France, as the song ¨beau pays de mon enfance¨ (beautiful country of my childhood) says. The sea is quiet. Unlike my first day of sailing, where I set a personal record of seven vomitons in a row. Today I put a beautiful yellow tulip on my cot. The captain tells me that you can not to have plants inside for the bugs. I do not care. I like my flower, it’s very pretty. I’m sure he tells me this because he is allergic to pollen.

Soon, I’m going to start my night watch (from 0400 to 0800). I am going to ask if I can take care of cleaning the bathrooms: it is a place where it is sheltered from the cold and while I work, time goes by faster. With a little bit of luck, I’ll get the kids to finally understand that you have to do pee sitting, and not stand during the navigation. Or maybe I could stay in the bridge to look at the stars? Well I do not know … I’m indecisive.