A unique replica of one of the legendary Spanish galleons that sailed the world’s great oceans for centuries. 
This floating ambassador of universal Andalusian culture and of Andalusia as a tourist destination can be visited from 13th to 17th September. 

16 September 2023 – Galeón Andalucía drops anchor in Plymouth, its last port of call on its summer-long tour of some of Europe’s most important ports, during which it acts as a floating ambassador for Andalusia and promote the region as a tourist destination. Galeón Andalucía will be moored at the Barbican Landing and its decks will be open to the public from 13th to 17th September.

A one-of-its-kind replica of the Spanish galleons, Galeón Andalucía symbolizes the most universal Andalusian culture, which for three centuries travelled on board to America and Asia, giving rise to the most significant transfer of culture between continents in history and leaving an indelible mark of Andalusian culture to this day.

Galeón Andalucía is a formidable vessel measuring 55 metres in length, with six decks made from iroko and pine wood and almost 1000 m² of fabric for its seven sails. It was painstakingly constructed in Punta Umbría (Spain), paying close attention to historical detail. It is a symbol of a seafaring culture that has existed in Andalusia for more than a thousand years, and has already journeyed hundreds of thousands of nautical miles through the world’s seas and oceans, making port in four different continents, including Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, New York and Quebec.

This summer, this veritable floating museum has taken in Plymouth (the United Kingdom), Amsterdam and Delfzijl (the Netherlands), Bremerhaven (Germany) and Honfleur (France) to promote Andalusia as a tourist destination. This initiative is sponsored by the Regional Government of Andalusia’s Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and co-financed by EU funds. During this European tour, the public has the chance to get to know Andalusia on board this magnificent ambassador of its culture, history and maritime tradition, while on its decks, products from the region and the richness and excellence of the its tourist destinations are showcased.

Date: from 13th to 17th September
Place: Barbican Landing
Time: 10,00h. a 20,00h.
Tickets: adults: £10 / children (5- 10 age): £5 / £25 families (2 adults + up to 2 children between 5- 10 years). Free for children under 5 years old, who must be accompanied by an adult).
Guided Tour Associations: £10 Schoolchildren under 10 years of age: £5. Arrange through: ecampos@velacuadra.es
Points of sale: on the ship or in this link.

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