At 14.00h, last Friday, March 16, a splendid replica of the Nao Santa María was launched in the waters of the Punta Umbria estuary after 14 months of construction. An impressive ship that the Nao Victoria Foundation has built in collaboration with the Diputación Provincial de Huelva and the Cajasol Foundation, within the framework of the 525 Anniversary of the Encounter between two Worlds. The launch was attended by the President of the Diputación de Huelva, Ignacio Caraballo, the mayor of Punta Umbria, Aurora Águedo -who served as godmother of the boat- the president of the Cajasol Foundation, Antonio Pulido, and the Nao Victoria Foundation, Juan Miguel Salas.

A full-scale replica of the famous captain of Christopher Columbus, which was built in the seaside resort of Punta Umbría during fourteen months of work, which began in January 2017 and ended in March 2018. Its design has been adapted the results of the new studies of the forms of this famous ship, to achieve greater maneuverability and better governance of the rudder. Sample of the expertise of our shipbuilding, has followed an innovative system that combines the construction in fiberglass and its subsequent coating in wood. A novel technique that represents a huge advance in terms of environmental impact, costs, durability and maintenance of the ship, without affecting its historical aspect, nor its navigability and maneuvering. More than 100 professionals and
trades of the sea, have participated in its construction, carpenters ribera, rederos, rope makers and other artisans of the sea, along with historians and engineers, who designed the plans and forms and measurements of the ship.

The result is a splendid vessel of 200 tons, with a maximum length of 28.30 m, 7.96 meters of beam, 5 decks, 4 iron masts, 250 m² of sails, in which more than 65 m3 have been used of iroko wood. A boat designed to navigate and make great journeys around the world, combining historical rigor, with the habitability of the 20 crew members that will make up its complement, together with the equipment necessary for today’s navigation, and incorporating motors and engine room, GPS system, radio, radar, etc, and an exhibition area in its warehouse.

After being launched in the waters of Punta Umbría, he will soon set sail for America to make a great international tour of Puerto Rico and several cities of the United States, where he will proudly show the thousands of visitors who climb their decks, their history and the great wealth of our maritime heritage and the province of Huelva linked to the great maritime expeditions of all times.