Position: 39 25 N 071 36 W
Course: 087º
Speed: 7
RPM: 1330

Crew log, September 2, 2017

It’s our Second day at sea; having left port on my homeland’s East; the afternoon before. Ahead of us stretches a journey across 3,500 miles of ocean, blue. The winds are fair, and the waters steady. This morning’s watch gifted us with the very first of many Atlantic sunrises to come. A canvas work across the sky, of every imaginable shade and hue. We are hopeful for the days and weeks ahead. Our crew, small but strong and bonded; it’s impossible to not feel comradery and kinship on a ship like this. Not that there is another ship like her…

She is El Galeon Andalucía. A veritable miracle of shipbuilding and woodwork; and a wonder to behold. Her every shape and curve like poetry in a world of prose, her vision on the waves is something out of a dream. One would not be mistaken to think her a mirage, and yet here she is – standing tall and proud in all of her strength and grace!

Our joys, through whatever this month at sea may hold; will outshine any hardship that we may be forced to weather. For though there is no doubt that our days will be filled with hardening work, and near Sisyphean efforts; they will not be defined by them. It’s by the strengths and spirit of our crew, and of our lady El Galeon that we will be defined.

For years, El Galeon has sailed the seas, warm and cold; and touched the lives of countless souls upon her navigations (myself included). And it’s now, after such noble pursuits that she may finally see her homeland again. We sail for Spain, with all the joys and love that have been shared with us along the way. We can hear the music already – see the smiles, and the dancing feet!

We may have only just begun our journey; with miles to go before we sleep. But we are hopeful, we are ready; and we are strong! For we have each other, and we have her.

Martin Orfila