Volunteer program

We are sailing during almost all year. At the moment we are immersed in the selection process, within the volunteer program, to organize the next season aboard Nao Victoria, Galleon Andalusia and also soon Nao Santa Maria.

Nao Victoria and the Galeón Andalucía operate as School Ships throughout the year. For them, the Nao Victoria Foundation, is part of the Andalusian Volunteer Agency, as well as the Sail Training Association Spain and share the same foundational goals as the Tall Ships. In addition to having signed cooperation agreements with numerous universities, training centers and schools for students from different disciplines to practice on board of our boats for periods of 3 and 6 months. But if you are not a sailor do not worry. You can join us anyway. On board we have had all kinds of profiles, photographers, journalists, historians, or people who just want to live an unrepeatable adventure.

Our boats keeps afloat thanks to the public who visit their decks, so on board you will perform from sailing guards, maneuvers with sails, opening of the boat to the visitors, school visits, nautical training, event organization, workshops, advertisements and documentaries, as well as participation in festivals
As a volunteer you will have your accommodation, food, accident insurance and crew clothes.

The principles like companionship, respect, discipline and order are fundamental since you will all live on board. Being part of the crew of these boats is demanding, but certainly represents an experience that you can hardly forget.

If you wanna join us, please, send an email with your C.V. a cover letter and your schedule to be on board to voluntariado@fundacionnaovitoria.org

Thank you