Volunteer program

We are sailing during almost all year. At the moment we are immersed in the selection process, within the volunteer program, to organize the next season aboard Nao Victoria, Galleon “Andalusia”, Nao Santa Maria and Pailboat “Pascual Flores”.

Nao Victoria, “Galleon Andalusia” and “Pascual Flores” operate as School Ships throughout the year. For them, the Nao Victoria Foundation, is part of the Andalusian Volunteer Agency, as well as the Sail Training Association Spain and share the same foundational goals as the Tall Ships. In addition to having signed cooperation agreements with numerous universities, training centers and schools for students from different disciplines to practice on board of our boats for periods of 3 and 6 months. But if you are not a sailor do not worry. You can join us anyway. On board we have had all kinds of profiles, photographers, journalists, historians, or people who just want to live an unrepeatable adventure.

Our boats keeps afloat thanks to the public who visit their decks, so on board you will perform from sailing guards, maneuvers with sails, opening of the boat to the visitors, school visits, nautical training, event organization, workshops, advertisements and documentaries, as well as participation in festivals
As a volunteer you will have your accommodation, food, accident insurance and crew clothes.

The principles like companionship, respect, discipline and order are fundamental since you will all live on board. Being part of the crew of these boats is demanding, but certainly represents an experience that you can hardly forget.

Frequent questions

1. How to participate with the foundation:

There are two ways to collaborate with Nao Victoria Foundation, the first one is being part of the crew as a volunteer in periods that cover 3, 6 or 12 months; and the second is to participate as a Trainee, an option for those who can’t be with us for long time and who pay an established amount for making a journey from one port to another.

2. Do you need previous experience?/ requirements to participate

The answer is no, you do not need previous experience to be able to participate with us as a volunteer or Trainee. Our three boats act as school boats and therefore we will teach you everything you need to be able to navigate and enjoy the experience with us.

The only requirements you need to navigate with us is to have a great interest and above all to keep in mind that principles such as team spirit, discipline, respect and order are essential to navigate aboard one of our boats.

3. What I am going to do aboard the ship?

As a Trainee you can do everything that our volunteers do, always under the supervision of a crew member.

As a Volunteer you will have two clearly defined work rhythms. During the navigation you will carry out different jobs that include maneuvers, guards, maintenance and daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, etc… During our stay in port the works will be focus on the opening of the museum and the public attention, so the work regime aboard is very varied.

Of course, this boat sails whenever is possible and you will also learn the maneuvers necessary to sail with the sails.

4. Do I have to know languages?

It is not an indispensable requirement but it is recommended. Most of the crew is usually Spanish but keep in mind that we travel around the world, so you will spend long stays outside of Spain. Know any language will be very useful!

5. What equipment do I need?

Basically you need to bring a headlamp, knife, closed shoes, comfortable clothes, warm clothes and your personal hygiene items.

You can bring any electrical appliance you want.

6. What does it include being a volunteer?

When you enter into our volunteer program, Nao Victoria Foundation will provide you accommodation and meals on one of the boats. You will also be covered by an accident insurance and on each boat you will be provided with the uniform of the boat where you sail on as well as bed linen, bath gel and toothpaste.

7. Period or duration of the volunteer program

Our volunteer program usually covers 3, 6 or 12 months, being the most frequent stay of 3-month. Also after your incorporation, the first 15 days you will be in practice to see if you adapt well to life aboard.

8. How do new volunteers get to the boat? and after finishing the period of volunteering?

Once they confirm the boat and the port which you must go, you will have to arrive by your own means.

9. Where can you see the routes in which you will participate?

Inside our website, in the section of each boat, you can find the routes that each boat will carry out.

10. As a Trainee, can you participate during the navigation in the maneuvers and in the boat life?

Of course, you can participate whenever you want and you can in everything you see, for sure, under the supervision of a crew member.