The ship, built by riverside carpenters in the Huelva town of Punta Umbría, has entered the last phase of its construction and will soon be ready for launch. Once in the water, the ship will head towards Seville where it will arrive at the beginning of March to be permanently docked in front of the First Round the World Space, thus completing the visit to the interpretation center and giving visitors the opportunity not to only to know the history of the round the world told by the ship itself, but once the view to the center is finished, those interested can go up to Nao Victoria and see for themselves how life was on board as well as knowing the different elements that sailors used to navigate into the unknown 500 years ago

The ship, a replica of the main ship of the greatest maritime feat of all time, will arrive in the Spanish city without sticks or trees, leaving these works pending for once the ship is docked, a unique opportunity for curious and history lovers to be able to verify “in situ” how is the operation of this type of boats.

From the Nao Victoria Foundation they wanted to highlight the great impact it will have for the city and the millions of visitors that Seville receives per year, since it will be docked at one of the most visited points by tourists from the Andalusian city.