Nao Victoria 500 – Permanent Replica in Seville

The construction of a new replica of the Nao Victoria will be one of the most important projects of the Nao Victoria Foundation, within the program of Commemoration of the V Centennial of the First sailing around the world.

The NAO VICTORIA 500, as it will be called, is being built on a Punta Umbria´s shipyard (Huelva) where this institution previously raised the Galeón Andalucía and very recently a replica of the Nao Santa María. She will take twelve months of intense work where all the trades related to shipbuilding will participate but where the craftsmanship of a score of riverbank carpenters will stand out in a very special way that will make, starting from logs of Iroko, real wooden sculptures that will be the pieces plus interesting of this new ship.

This life-size vessel will be permanently located on the Guadalquivir river,close to the future Interpretation Center of the first sailing around the world, and will be a visual attraction of great impact for the city of Seville.