Maritime Festival of Gijón

From September 19th to 23rd

Gijón is getting ready to live an exceptional event. A Maritime Festival that brings together for the first time, two of the most famous ships of our history, from September 19th to 23rd.

A unique opportunity to see these masterpieces of river carpentry and the Spanish maritime culture of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries through exhibitions prepared with full detail, so that the visitor can feel like the Spanish sailors did 500 years ago. Authentic floating museums that revive history through the senses.

La Nao Victoria, faithful replica of the boat that made the First World Tour with Magallanes and Elcano is a boat of pine and oak, 26 meters long and 7 manga, with 4 sticks that sail 7 sails, built with maximum rigor historical. During the years 2004/2006 he completed his own tour around the world and since then he has made several tours of the USA. and European countries such as France, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania or Poland.

The Galeón Andalucía, is an imposing vessel of 55 meters in length, iroko and pine wood, 4 sticks and 930 m2 of sail area in its seven sails. He sailed to China to participate in the Expo Shanghai 2010, and on his return he crossed the Atlantic to visit Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, USA. and Canada, calling in more than 70 cities like New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Toronto or Quebec. He is currently working on a successful tour of northern Europe.

The Atyla: is a sturdy and spacious ship, which sails with the aid of over 400 square meters of sail surface. With 31-meters long, 7-meters wide and 3-meters draft, Atyla is a uniquely beautiful ship, built entirely out of wood. Combining a traditional atmosphere with modern facilities, the vessel creates a welcoming and cozy environment.

In addition, the Maritime Festival of Gijón, offers the possibility of sailing * on board the Atyla, a wooden schooner with 31 meters of length, 3 meters of draft and 7 of sleeve makes the Atyla a spacious and robust ship that sails with the help of 400 m2 of sail area.

* Departures every day, check schedules, places and prices.

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