El Galeón Andalucía continues to burn stages of a 2018 tour that will take you through several Spanish and European ports, sailing for the first time in these latitudes since it was launched in December 2009, in northern Europe. A special tour for a boat, that after being Spanish ambassador in the universal exhibition of Shanghai in 2010, put proa course to the United States, where it was sharing the Spanish culture during almost 5 years, in which it visited more than 50 cities and navigated for the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, the east coast. In addition, it has become the first ship with Spanish flag that has sailed through the 5 large lakes of the USA and Canada.

For this occasion, El Galeón Andalucía arrives in the British city of Brixham to be one of the protagonists in a weekend in which the pirate world will be very present. Activities, parades, parades, markets, gastronomy to complete a visit to the different boats moored in the port of the city and make this plan a perfect family day, enjoying the European and Spanish maritime culture that for centuries, conquered the seas.

You can get your ticket on the ship itself or on our website, www.fundacionnaovictoria.org and visits our decks in a schedule of 10 to 20 hours uninterruptedly and for a price of 4L for children, 8L for adults and 20L for families including 2 adults and up to 3 children.