Port Vendres - Nao Victoria (7/24 - 8/25) View larger

Port Vendres - Nao Victoria (7/24 - 8/25)

Replica of the ship that between 1519-1522 was made the First Round the World, most of the times. For the first time in history on a ship, the sale and regression of the port of Seville captained by Juan Sebastián Elcano, managed to surround the planet.

The visit to the Nao Victoria consists of a self guided tour through the 5 decks so you can discover the historical and social context, most of the history of navigation through the information panels, the setting of the different areas. More than 500 years ago Without a doubt, a unique opportunity to relive history.

There is no time limit for visits and you can make all the photos and videos that you want.


* Port du Port Vendres


* From July 24th to August 25th.

* From 10am to 8pm.

* If you have any problems with your ticket, send an email to shop@fundacionnaovictoria.org

* Dates and times can be altered by weather conditions.

* Tickets are valid for any day and time.

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