The ship, a replica of the captain of Christopher Columbus, continues to promote the province of Huelva through culture and maritime history, before crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean and the US where it will commemorate the 525th anniversary of the Encounter between two worlds.

The famous ship continues its journey through the Mediterranean making stops in different cities, and this time, it reaches the French city of Sète, where all the neighbors will be able to enjoy the Nao Santa María that leaves Spanish territory for the first time since was launched last March 16.

It is a faithful and beautiful historical replica in real size of 200 tons, 29 m. of length and 8 m. of manga, four sticks, five candles and five decks, built with the exquisite work of iroko and pine wood from our riparian master carpenters, who sails as a floating museum of its universal history and the maritime heritage of the province of Huelva.

During the 13th to the 22nd of July, Nao Santa María will open its decks to the public in Quai Aspirant Herber, so that visitors can get on board and know all the history and details of this legendary ship.


Date: JULY 13-22

Place: Quai Aspirant Herber – SETE

Hours: 10- 9 pm.

Tickets: adults € 5 / Children (5-10 years): € 3 / € 12 Families (2 adults + up to 3 children between 5-10 years)

Points of sale: on the boat or on the web:

Contact: Soledad Gea

Tel. 663881993