The nao Victoria is sailing to Cartagena, from the port of Malaga from which sailed on Monday.

It is the replica of the legendary ship that between 1519 and 1522 managed to make the greatest maritime adventure in history: the First World Tour, captained by Magallanes and Elcano, which in 2019 begins the great celebration of its V Centennial. An expedition that lasted 3 years and 14 days, in the
that 32,000 nautical miles (78,000 km) were navigated, and that for the first time in history it surrounded the planet, navigating its great oceans and making the world known in all its dimensions. An expedition that counted among its crew with 4 Asturian sailors who participated in this unprecedented feat.

It is a faithful historical replica of 26 m. of length and 7 m. of manga, pine and oak, where visitors can tour their decks, admire their shapes, details and the living conditions of the crew that managed to surround the planet almost five centuries ago, and in their winery experience the experiences of the
men and women who today make up their crew.

A ship with a lot of history, that counts in its prow with thousands of navigated nautical miles spreading its extraordinary feat and the work of the Spanish sailors in the great maritime expeditions. During the years 2004/2006 he completed his own tour around the world, traveling more than 26,000 miles and making stops in 17 countries, being the first boat of these characteristics to complete a similar voyage. Since then, he has made several tours of US ports. and Europe receiving thousands of visits.

Visit Cartagena as part of the great tour through ports of Spain that is being made this summer to spread the V Centennial of the First Tour of the World, through the lives on board of its main ship.

During his stay in the city, he will dock at the Royal Scale of the Port of Cartagena, where he will open his decks to the public from next Thursday, October 25 until November 24.