Today, December 1, the Trade Winds keep pushing us and the sea continues in relative calm. Of the crossings in the Atlantic that we have had so far this is undoubtedly the most pleasant of all. In addition, the temperature of 20 ° that accompany us make life on board is quite pleasant.

Five days after our departure from La Gomera we have already had time to adapt to the schedules of our guards and combine them with the free time we have. Navigation is like looping into a routine where every day can seem the same, however it is not like that. Despite being on the same stage, with the same actors and same decorated the function is different every day. From time to time, extras and cast actors alter the script. On Thursday they came to visit us a herd of about forty dolphins and they followed us for a long time. Most of us have never seen so many together. Flying fish are seen from time to time as well as some lost bird that flies in the distance. Those who do not decide to make their cameo are still the whales, as in a good movie they make themselves wait.

There is a scene that is repeated every day at six in the afternoon: some of us usually find ourselves on the main deck to watch the sunset, a kind of unwritten ritual that we follow every day. Yesterday was a disappointment, it was completely cloudy and we could not see anything. But to see what I had yesterday from the big cock. I had to climb to give horse fat to leathers and I lay on the mainsail for a while. When it is well inflated it is the best place to enjoy the landscape that surrounds you.
Now the guard begins from 12.00 to 16.00, the guard in which I am with Charly, Majo, Juanjo and Juan. A good team that makes our watch hours of the ship pass as fast as the eleven knots of wind that push us at this time. Keep it up!


José García Esteve