It’s been 2 months since I embarked on El Galeón. I still remember the first time I saw the ship in Huelva and after all that time and having already passed through eight ports, it has not lost the imposing character that accompanies it. With the passage of time I have been able to appreciate that this projection is born from the interior of a boat so particular, supported and worked by each one of the crew that make up such a peculiar world.

This boat is a development platform without equal. People from all over Spain and even from Europe share the same objective: to learn and improve. From those who seek professional dedication to sailing and the sea, to those who are not even related to that dedication or projection, at El Galeón the premise is that everyone has something to teach and learn from others. From minute 1 the crew integrates all the members to form a chain. Every
one of its links contributes to the boat and its mission the best of itself, reflected in the daily work and in the results day by day, mile by mile and port by port.

It is a historical premise in the sea that the old sailor teaches the new, being the veteran more than a degree. It is not less here. The guards are a constant of tasks, teaching, learning and experience. From the maintenance of the boat to the navigation study or from the knowledge of the History that is represented here to the personal development in tasks as banal as coexistence or cooking, the guards pass in a constant development for the whole of the crew as to
the personal of each of its members.

The tasks are countered with those free times that allow you to dedicate yourself to rest, study or mere fun, both in navigation and in port. In this last case we must add an incentive: travel.

One of the most relevant aspects lies in the opportunity to get to know the world thanks to sailing in this type of boat. Many sailors know the world differently, but El Galeón offers you the opportunity to disembark outside your guards to visit both the landfall ports and the areas near it. The cultural aspect that emanates from the mission of the Nao Victoria Foundation and its ships, extends to the extent that its crew members come to the contact of the companies and cultures from places throughout Europe and America, or those sites that they visit.