Finally 6 in the afternoon and Zafarrancho plays. This is the stowage maneuver and preparation prior to

After a month in the port of Malaga full of adventures, rains and even hail, all crew members
We are eager to feel the soft rocking that tells us that our beloved Galleon is sailing again.

On this occasion we will be accompanied by three trainees, passengers who rent a place during navigation
to live an experience at sea with the crew.

After several hours of waiting we let loose, and I am in the bow maneuver, I am the
in charge with three other companions to recover the moorings, three springs, three long and three crossings that allow the bow of the ship to move away from the dock and thus set course for the mouth.

We adduct the ends and I can see through one of the catheters as the water moves, and the port that has given us so many good times is lagging behind.

The sun high in the sky and the calm water indicate that it will be a calm navigation, even so
We hope to release the sails thanks to the wind we receive in the stern.
Ahead, a few hours of navigation await us, and I feel pleasing to feel once again the
fresh air and the feeling of life and freedom that the immensity of the Mediterranean gives us.

After some instructions from the captain and the first officer, we remember how to use some of the
safety equipment at sea that are on the ship. Task more than important in any

At the end they announce that we are going to release the Trinqueta sail, there is enough wind and quickly the
Orders come out of the first officer’s mouth. We all get going. this time I do not help the
deployment maneuver, but I quickly get on the rigging of the stick to turn on my
sports camera It is spectacular to see how the sun sets while the candles unfold.

One of the trainees burns with the desire to get into the coffer, so after asking permission, I teach him to get up with all the appropriate security elements, and we get going. It is a unique experience that I recommend living at least once in a lifetime.

The hours pass and the guards pass normally. Each guard lasts four
hours and in these various tasks such as cooking, cleaning or maintenance of the boat are performed.

When the nights arrive all the lights go out and we move along the boat with headlights to be able to Perform security rounds.

It is absolutely impressive to be able to look at the sky and see an immensity of stars that from land
We could hardly see due to light pollution. When dawn arrives, all crew members set off to prepare the docking maneuver. The bow maneuver is ready again to launch ends to earth, but while we arrive at the port,
I feel amazed to see how the sun is rising and with a spectacular color palette, the
Port of Motril is presented to us. The somewhat cloudy sky and the bright sun creates the illusion of being
sailing on a sea of ​​thick and soft silver. Upon arriving at the port, under the command of our master in the bow maneuver, the sailors threw the ends to the ground and with the captain’s guidelines, we launched springs and lengths to moor the ship to the ground.

We have finally arrived at the port where six days of adventure and laughter await us.