The realization of a child’s dream? Yes, of course: climb the galleon like a sixteenth-century sailor, look up at the sails, look up, feel the weight and the elegant severity of the lines, smell the sea, the infinite sea, hear the wood, believe yourself in a journey of two months and imagine the anguish of the crew to see the food decrease, feel the long and deep rhythm of the waves under the bodies … Yes, you live that, you do it, live for a few hours, a few days, in a time already distant.

But what is also lived, what moved me most, is the Spain of the XXI Century: a young, enthusiastic, supportive, disciplined, curious, generous Spain, traveler, alive. For those who know Spain, it is a pleasure to witness here the warm humanity of the crew, the captain’s shouts. For those who do not know Spain, it is the opportunity to enter it, to be part of it.

«I want blood, pussy! »

Cathie Kerdoncuff, crossing of July 11, from Fécamp to Honfleur.