More than 6,000 people visited last week in El Ejido the replicas of the Nao Victoria and the Galleon
Andalusia. Early this morning they sailed from the marina of Almerimar on their way to their next appointment: the port of Almeria. An unprecedented visit in which for the first time the city will witness the arrival of two of the most famous ships of our maritime history. The Victoria Ship,
replica of the ship that made the first round the world (1519-1522), and the Galeón Andalucía, a replica of the legendary Spanish galleons that for centuries crossed the Caribbean and the great oceans of the world uniting Europe, America and Asia.
Historical ships and authentic floating museums that come from cruises of thousands of nautical miles across various countries in Europe and America, spreading our maritime heritage in important international tours.
This afternoon they will dock in Almería and during this week they will open their decks to the public, educational centers and visitors of the city, who will have the unique opportunity to know its details, its history and the extraordinary experiences of the crew that today travel the world with they.