After the arrival of the Nao Victoria and the Galleon last Sunday, the first Malaga Maritime Festival began. A unique event that gathers in the dock 2 of the port of the Andalusian city 3  historical Tall ships managed by the Nao Victoria Foundation.

The spectacular image of the three ships together, does not go unnoticed by the people of Malaga and visitors of the city, who since Sunday filled the promenade of the dock and the decks of the boats.

The festival, which brings together for the first time the three historical ships of the Nao Victoria Foundation, aims to share the Spanish maritime culture through the ships that changed the future of the world of navigation forever.

“The truth is that after the delay of Galeón and Nao Victoria (they could not cross the strait due to bad weather until Saturday), we were not expecting the spectacular welcome that Malaga and the Malaga people have given us, who crowded the pier on Sunday leaving us In addition, today we are already receiving the first schoolchildren who have scheduled the visit to the boats, thus bringing the smallest an important part of the history of Spain and Malaga, a city with a great seafaring tradition: We hope that time respects us and that we can continue enjoying the maritime festival as during the first two days “. Fernando Viota comments, responsible for the Maritime Festival.

It should be remembered that the festival will have its doors open until next Sunday 14 and that it can be visited every day in uninterrupted hours from 10 am to 8 pm.