The experience lived aboard the nao victoria is very rewarding in many aspects, since you can be part of the crew of a ship such as the Victoria, which represents one of the greatest achievements of the Spanish Navy.
In addition, it gives you the opportunity to learn how they sailed five hundred years ago with the square sails and their operation, which is completely different from the current sails.

On the other hand, as a crew member of the ship you are also part of the navigation guards, which makes you learn aspects of it, which in the future will serve to increase the nautical knowledge that every professional sailor should possess.

This is possible since Captain Manuel Crespo delegates the functions of officer to the most experienced volunteers and puts him in command of the guard and these in turn will respect the instructions of the designated guard chiefs. Although the ship does not have officers, the captain is in charge of directing the ship along with the bosun.

On board we are usually 12 crew, most bridge students, which we have to live in such a small boat, which being all young people is no problem, because on board any new crew that comes is going to feel like at home since the first day. For my part this is the second boarding in the Nao Victoria, since one feels comfortable on board and learns things that are not seen in other boats and that can be useful for tomorrow, such as working with wood and corresponding care and also the knowledge acquired from the engine room, when performing the corresponding checks.