If you want to sail aboard of the one of the most famous tall ships in history, you can not miss the opportunity offered by the Nao Victoria Foundation. Live an unrepeatable experience that you will never forget, raising values ​​such as companionship, teamwork, group coexistence or physical and mental improvement. At the same time you travel from port to port knowing people and unimaginable places.

Our ships works like a museum traveling around the world and opening her decks for touring for the people who want to know about the Spanish maritime culture of the XV-XVII centuries.

More than 1000 volunteers have already lived an experience that will take you to know yourself while enjoying nature and other cultures, in a unique way.

No previous sailing experience necessary, once on board, our expert sailors will teach you everything you need to know to operate independently and efficiently in navigation and maneuvers skills. We value very positively if you know languages ​​(English or French)

For shipments as a volunteer, the minimum period is 3 months for ships traveling in Europe and 6 for America.

If you are interested in our volunteer program, do not hesitate to write to voluntariado@fundacionnaovictoria.org with your availability of dates, a small cover letter and your CV or you can call 954 09 09 56