Nobody can steal your adventures!

People say if you work in the job you really like you will never work
After 3 chaotic days of travelling, including lost luggage and almost living in airports, I finally got picked up in Charleston airport in South Carolina and was brought to my new home for the next 6 months, El Galeón.

When I saw the ship will be my home, I thought yes, it is for me! After all those hours playing with my pirate ship toy when I was a kid will finally be good for my experience.

I came to El Galeón from another tall ship called Nao Victoria, which has the same type of rigging and it is from the same foundation. I was there a couple months before coming here, is more or less the same but here everything is bigger, there are more people, other countries and other cultures.

Immediately after I arrived one mate who nowadays I call brother chose my nickname on board… “Dangerous Pablo”.

Between the ports we visit and sometimes with my watch mates renting cars I got the chance to know a lot of east coast cities, like Charleston, SC. Wilmington, NC. New Bedford, MA.

Newburyport, MA. Martha’s Vineyard, ME. Portland, ME. Boston, MA and New York City, NY.

In Portland is where I put start course to a real adventure, one I really want to do!! Sailing the Saint Lawrence River with their seaway and locks to change from salt water to fresh water.

Once in The Great Lakes, and the Greats Lakes is literally the Great Lakes. I have been sailing all my life in salt water and today when we go out sailing I still say here we go to the sea!!

We arrived at our first lake, Lake Ontario and we stopped in Rochester, NY where we went to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

The next stop was Toronto an amazing city in Canada. It was the first Tall Ships Tour port and it had amazing docking, where we met amazing ships and crews part of the tall ships tour.

After we were in other tall ships ports like Fairport Harbor where we organized a bowling party for the crews and other events, and in our day off we toke UBER rides and we went to Cleveland , Bay city where they invited us to the planetarium and we had more than 4 hours waiting lines to visit us!!.

We loved Traverse City where people loved us, it was like the fresh water Caribbean! And Chicago, the place where I wrote this chronicle , after visiting the whole city and went to one of the most important festival in the world with a few crew mates, The Lollapalooza Festival!

Now I am halfway through my adventure and I am looking forward for the rest. I sincerely never thought I could visit the places I have had the chance to visit, the things I have done and the best of all, the people I have met, healthy people, different but at the same time similar, with the same passions for sailing and the sea and a will never forget this experience and I am so lucky and thankful to be given this opportunity.

The night watches with the sky full of stars!! Sometimes shooting stars, awesome sunsets and sunrises!

Meeting new people every day, talking to the visitors, visiting different ports, getting to know local traditions and cultures of the variety of places, seeing monuments, gastronomy.

I know my girlfriend and my family are waiting and supporting for me from Spain.

This is my year! My adventure year and I a plan to live it fully! Enjoying it until the last moment here in El Galeón Andalucía.

Like I said before in the chronicle title:

Nobody can steal your adventures!

Pablo Tejada