Rochester, NY, is the first stop of a pioneer voyage for the Spanish replica ship of the galleons, part of the Spanish empire centuries ago.

El Galeón continues its voyage around the world spreading Spanish culture that during the XVI and XVII centuries influenced the West Indies, Europe and America, opening the most important commercial and cultural routes that still persist today. In this occasion, El Galeón, travelling museum with replicas of documents and objects of the age, continues to make history being the first Spanish galleon to sail the Saint Lawrence River waters, to visit various Great Lakes ports in Canada and United States.

The ship arrives at Rochester, NY, its first stop in the Great Lakes, after a twelve day voyage from Portland, ME. During the voyage, the ship travelled more than one thousand three hundred nautical miles, encountering rough seas, low temperatures, and head winds of more than thirty knots and also light winds and sunny days. They skimmed the shore of Nova Scotia, and bashed into the waves across the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to arrive at the door of the Great Lakes and a city with great maritime history. Said city was for a few decades during the XIX century, one of the biggest and model of flour production thanks to the water mills distributed along the Genessee River and the Ironquoit bay, moved by the currents of Lake Ontario.

El Galeón will be opening its doors to the public in Rochester from June 25 to 28, at the Port of Rochester Marina in Charlotte. Tickets from Rochester are available at here. After which it will set sail to Toronto.

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