The floating museum replica of the sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish tall ship has been present as a special guest at the presentation of “The Wharf”, a maritime and commercial project for the southwest coast of Washington DC.

The Wharf is the result of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront’s commitment to revitalize the southwest coast of DC, stretching across 24 acres of land and over 50 acres of water from the municipal fish market to Fort McNair. The Wharf is meant to expand Washington’s maritime and commercial services by expanding the existing marina, hotels, restaurants and shops, placing the area at the height of the best commercial maritime complexes on the Washington coast.

Muriel Bowser, the city’s Mayor, has been featured in the presentation, highlighting “the importance of an ambitious project and at the height of a city that demanded a commercial and leisure space for all DC residents and visitors”. The space will be able to enjoy in a year more or less.

Also, Bowser and others authorities present at the event, did not want to miss the opportunity to know firsthand the history of El Galeón, highlighting the great work that makes the Spanish ship sharing and expanding the maritime culture wherever she sails.