El Galeón will remain moored and open to the public in Panama City during Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th.

The Spanish ship, a replica of the galleons that sailed the seas during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, is not able to sail to Galveston, TX, as planned, due to the weather conditions.

Several stormy fronts that are scouring the Gulf of Mexico are the culprits that the Spanish ship, floating museum, cannot departure from Panama City. “El Galeón, is an exact replica to the Spanish ships of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, so, for safety reasons, it is preferable to stay moored in port until bad weather passes”, commented Fernando Viota, Project Manager of El Galeon.

El Galeón, will remain open to the public in Panama City Marina, in usual schedule from 10am to 7pm with a price of $ 10 for adults, $ 5 for children up to 12 years and free for children under 5.

More info at:
904 377 6542