The Galeón Andalucía continues with the tour scheduled for this season 2018. Season that is taking the Spanish ship through more than 22 cities, being France the country where the Spanish merchant ship will stop replicating the galleons of the XVI and XVII century, armed by the Nao Victoria Foundation. On this occasion, El Galeón, stops on the French road, to navigate the German coasts and reach Bremerhaven, the city where the floating museum will be one of the main attractions for visitors, neighbors and onlookers who decide to spend the next weekend at the SeeStadtFest, one of the most important festivals in northern Europe, and designed for all types of people and public with leisure activities, musical, cultural and gastronomic perfect for spending the day with family or friends while you learn or You have fun in a unique environment. The appointment will be on May 24, 25, 26 and 27 and you can see the extensive program and get all the information of interest in the following link.