Crossing the Atlantic with sail is one of the dreams that every sailor has pending in his wish list, although many abandon it when realizing the hard work that entails a transatlantic journey in terms of planning, security and logistics refers, or simply, for not having enough resources.

The NVF we have been navigating the seas and oceans of the world for more than 10 years with our replicas of ships of the XV and XVI centuries, and now, we give you the possibility of crossing the Atlantic in a unique and newly built ship, the NAO SANTA MARÍA, flagship of the fleet with which Christopher Columbus arrived in the new world and which the FNV is finishing building in the Punta Umbría shipyards, from where it will be launched on March 1.

A unique boat with which you will feel like a sailor from 500 years ago.

You can participate in the maneuvers of sailing, berthing, undoing and learning about maintenance in this type of vessel, being part of a crew that will go down in history, enjoy the sailing trip, the most starry sky that you will ever see and arrive directly, as did the Spanish ships centuries ago, to SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO. Everything on board a unique boat, which will make the trip an unforgettable experience.

Don´t you have time for the crossing or it is a long journey for you? Don´t worry, we also offer places like TRAINEE from Huelva to the Canary Islands or from the Canary Islands to Puerto Rico (check the different prices for each trip)

It is not necessary to have experience or know how to navigate, since on board you will learn everything you need through navigation workshops that will allow you to be one more during the voyage. The price includes accommodation on board in full board, insurance and uniform. If you are interested in living the adventure of your life, contact us through our website, Social Networking profiles or 954 09 09 56. LIMITED PLACES.