I’m José Luis Fúnez Parodi, crew member of the Galeón Andalucía since ancient times … and I’ve had to talk to you about the Dieppe-Calais crossing.

I usually change the navigation guard between 1st and 2nd, in which We conduct security rounds, we place ourselves in the letter and write entries in the Journal of Navigation.

This trip has been very short and very quiet for me, but also tired, since being a short navigation my companions on duty and I could only sleep three and a half hours before he played “Zafarrancho” (it is the general call time for all the sailors to carry out the maneuvers of berthing and undoing) … it is when they better pass it that at that moment they are on guard, since they take advantage of putting music to the top to wake up the whole world, shouting and jumping on top of those who we slept.

When we arrived at the port of Calais we had to pass a lock that was only 3 meters on each side wider than the galleon, once inside, my position was forward maneuver so I can never see the entrance or exit of the galleon to the ports , this site is responsible for starting, collecting and making sure the bow moorings.

In this port we had problems to dock, since the wind knocked us out so in both the maneuvers bow and stern we had to use the winches to bring the Galleon to the dock and be able to dock. As for my shipmates, they are very funny and very professional people when it comes to working. I like to live with them aboard El Galeón, because here you feel the brotherhood of the people of the sea at every moment: HERE ALL HELP US and we always breathe good atmosphere.

The best moment is when the bell rings indicating that the food is ready. We all run to the dining room and we gather laughing around the food. We are like a big family because here we share all the experiences and all the jobs. I enrolled on board the El Galeón to be able to do the practices that they ask for in my height pattern course and I saw it as a unique opportunity: sailing as they did in the 16th century on a wooden sailboat like this one.

The best time for me is when we put the sails on the high seas, or when the dolphins come to play our prow … I also like it a lot when we see the cliffs from the boat, after having been sailing several days at sea without seeing land firm.

And before leaving you I do not want to forget to send a big hug to all my family from the sea.