Hola everyone!

I volunteered for today’s message because it is our 5th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary Lisa! Thank you for everything. I love you so much. My life has led me to you.

Life at sea is good. The first couple of days were a touch rainy and cool (might i say cold at nigth). So thanks to Joe and Dan for the cold weather stuff. But now it has been pleasantly warm. The ocean is alive with motion and it has so many shades of blue. The sky is beautiful, especially at night with the bright full moon and brilliant stars.

It is typical sailboating. No maiter the size of the boat. There is either too much wind from the wrong direction or like today, there is no wind. We did have a good breeze yesterday and used a couple os sails. Yeah! All thah said, this is still a dream come true.

Hello to Mom an Dad and the rest of my family and friends. Thanks to Ulises, the Captain and everyone else here for all their help. Happy Birthday to Alba.

Happy anniversary Lisa. I love you! I miss you.