Hello, to start I want to thank the founders of this ingenious project such as the NAO VICTORIA FOUNDATION, from Jose Manuel Ambrosio in personnel selection, through Fernando Viota as project manager, Pablo González as captain of the Galleon, Majo as first official, Carlos Quinto as head of machines and Rafael (Falete for friends), and all those people involved in the foundation that for different reasons are not, such as Angel Alvariño or Martin.

Start by thanking each of my colleagues without whom this great adventure would not have been consolidated. The reason for my collaboration has been very altruistic wanting to fully involve me in its development.

My love of Spain has made it a part of volunteering, taking our culture of great sailors and discoverers throughout Europe. I’m not going to name them because it would be an insult of intelligence to forget us even if it was the last man on the deck. We all know the names of illustrious Spaniards.

Teamwork, involvement and sacrifice have been and will be the key to success with this group of great people with whom I have fulfilled my COMMITMENT.

Embark in Valencia on 03-19-2018 to reach Bremerhaven on 05-24-2018 passing through Mataró, Sête (France), Castellón, Lisbon (Portugal), Peniche (Portugal), Brixham (England), Roscoff (France) , Calais (France) and finally Bremerhaven (Germany). A lot of anecdotes and experiences in each of the crossings.

I remember we had to enter Roscoff because of a breakdown in the machine and when it was corrected the captain set course Brixham where a great pirate festival awaited us. On the other hand we could not go to La Coruña due to bad weather.

The experience of going to the Galeón Andalucía and being able to unfold the candles has been unmatched. The knowledge of the galleon in its maneuvers, knowing its three masts, its decks, that tajamar with its bowsprit and the spectacle of the artillery cover with its guns is something magnificent. Amen of its construction and innovation, and the talent that the collaborators and responsible for the project, through their historical studies used for the launching of the Galeón Andalucía.

The learning of knots, the marine nomenclature of each one of the parts of the boat and their experiences with this team of people is the wealth that I take and I will never forget.

PD: Amadore Directore