The event features 15 tall ships of different nationalities crossing 5 Great Lakes (Ontario, Erie, Huron, Superior and Michigan), that during the summer months, will dock at various ports distributed between USA and Canada.

Tomorrow Friday, the 1st of July begins in Toronto the Tall Ship Challenge 2016 in the Great Lakes, with a parade presentation of the boats participants in the event. During this first stop, the visitors will be able to visit all the ships like the Pride of Baltimore II, the Kajama, the viking ship Draken and El Galeón, an exact reply of the Spanish Galleons that were furrowing the seas from the India up to America, during the 16th and 17th century. EL Galeón, with a crew of 20 sailors on board, is a floating museum in which the visitor can be transported four centuries behind and know in the first person how there were living the members and passengers of the Spanish navy, most important fleet of the whole history of the navigation. Cannons, copies of documents of the files of Indies, tools used for the navigation, berths, zones of government and even an original gold doubloon. They are some of the attractions you distribute in his 5 covers, that undoubtedly, they will do that the visitors live through a unique experience in they lives.

El Galeón, constructed in 2009 in the from Huelva city of shady top, represents a link of union of cultures between Europe, America and Asia, with more than 50,000 nautical miles navigated upon the most important seas and dangerously of the world, as comments the Captain of the ship, Manuel Murube. “From his splash in 2009 we have recalled the commercial routes for which, centuries behind, the Spanish ships were furrowing the seas. We have gone from Spain up to the Carib, North America and furrowed the Pacific Ocean to come up to China, which has supposed a milestone in the navigation in ships of this type. We feel proud and the privileged some, since not only we sail, but we are ambassadors of our land, Andalusia and our country Spain “.

“Nowadays, The Galleon, it is the only Spanish sailing ship that has navigated upon the St Lawrence River and the Great Lakes, for what besides living through an incredible experience, we are doing history “. Was commenting the manager of El Galeón, Fernando Viota. The Galeón will be in Toronto from July 1-3.

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