Many of you have been sailing with the Nao Victoria Foundation you have discovered the Sea, others already experienced an exciting way to navigate and some a way of life.

With the same spirit that years ago the Nao Victoria went around the World (2004-2006) we will soon launch the Nao Santa María to cross the Atlantic, travel the Caribbean and skip the East Coast of the United States to Canada to return for different ports and provide back in the Caribbean “to the health of our maritime history.”

An experience that is within your reach and you can enjoy with the professional crew that will sail in Santa María.

We want to know you from now; Know what your motivation, concerns, training, experience, degree, CV, cover letter, etc.

As Antonio de Guevara said, 1539 (The art of seasickness) … nobody dares to enter (at sea) by will but by necessity; because the man who sails, if it is not for the defense of his conscience, for defending his honor, or for protecting life, I say and affirm that he is either a fool, or is being abused, or can be tied up as a fool.

You can learn more about the project on our website

We are waiting for you:


PS: If you have time, you could also navigate as an apprentice or trainee.

Nao Victoria Foundation